Questions From Medical Professional

Q1. What is heeDoc about?

heeDoc provides a quality and affordable health care for the people in Nepal. From doctor’s visit to lab tests and prescription’s, everything to be done at the comfort of their home. Anyone around the world can book a service from us for their family back in Nepal and get the health reports online.

Q2. How to register?

It is an easy process.

  1. Just go to : www.heedoc.com
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Click on Medical professional.
  4. Fill in all those details
  5. Click on submit.
After the completion of signup process, you will then be contacted by our representative for some questionnaire.

Q3. How do I know if I have a patient?

After the successful registration, You will have your own profile on our website and you can see if you have any requests in there. Or our representative will inform you when a patient requests for the service of your expertise.

Q4. How can I give service through your platform?

We mainly provide patient with either Online Doctor Consultation service or with Home Visit Service. So those are the two ways by which a patient will be getting a health service from you .

Q5. Can I register my clinic?

Currently we do not have a clinic registration feature on our website.

Questions From Customer

Q2. What is the procedure?

Ans: The procedure involved in between booking a service and getting the health report are:

  1. You will first choose a package or service from our website: www.heedoc.com .
  2. You will fill in all the details and book a service or package.
  3. Our representative will reach out to you with a phone call for confirmation of the appointment and payment.
  4. Based on the service you took, you will either be given home based service or online consultation service.
  5. After the completion of service, your health report is available online and if the service is home based, it will be sent to your location.

Q3. What is the location?

Ans: Our main office is at Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Q4. What is the price?


  1. Price of services
    1. Dental Consultation : NPR 799 /-
    2. Senior Doctor Consultant: NRP 799/ -
    3. Nurse Home Visit: NRP 1199/-
    4. Doctor Home Visit: NRP 1499/-
    5. Physiotherapy: NRP 999
  2. Price of Package
    1. Child Health Care: NRP 4949/
    2. Basic Health Care: NRP 5499/-
    3. Hypertension Checkup: NRP 5749/-
    4. Diabetes Checkup: NRP 6699/-
    5. Comprehensive Health Package: NRP 11,999/-
    6. Health Ageing Package-Male: NRP 13,899/-
    7. Health Ageing Package-Male: NRP 13,999/-

Q5. Is it clinic?

Ans: No, we are not a clinic. We are health service providers. We provide you with health services at the comfort of your home.

Q5. How do I pay?

Ans: If you are from Nepal you can use either Esewa or direct bank transfer .

If you are abroad, You can pay via
Q6. How to Book a service?

Ans: Go to your website: www.heedoc.com . And choose the service or the package you are looking for. Also, you can request for a customized package which includes only the tests and services you need. And you can book the service or package you need.